Dr. Wiljon Beltre:
The Surgeon Behind My Multivitamins

Board Certified Bariatric Surgeon and Medical Director of the Center for Metabolic and Obesity Surgery

Wiljon Beltre, MD is a Board-certified surgeon and currently one of the only fellowship-trained bariatric surgeons in Central Florida. He specializes in cutting-edge, less-invasive, and laparoscopic surgical procedures designed to facilitate real, significant Bariatric patients. He has performed literally thousands of obesity surgeries and has an outstanding track record of safe, successful results. Dr. Beltre’s goal is to support his patients throughout the entirety of their Bariatric patients journey, offering a comprehensive Bariatric patients program of which safe, effective, and affordable surgery is just one element. Real, lasting, significant Bariatric patients is never easy, but Dr. Beltre believes that with commitment, hard work, and long-term support, it is always possible!

"I am very excited about the new opportunities I can give my patients to live long, healthier and happy lives and can’t wait to help you! Please give my practice a call so that my team can help you get started today. I look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your goal!"